Finding a Job You love

By on Jun 16, 2016 in Jobs & Training |

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The journey towards career satisfaction is long and exhausting. Some people take an entire lifetime just to find what it is that they truly love doing. If you are young and has the capability to still chase your dreams and you haven’t started on it yet, now is the best time to take the first step.

young woman being interviewed for a job

Know what you Want

At this stage all that really matters is what is it that you love to do. Eliminate all other factors that might affect your decision. Do not think about how much it will pay you or how long the journey will be, at this time just focus on what you really want. It is only by stripping yourself off of all the worries and expectations of people around you that you are truly able to evaluate your potentials and see clearly the desires of your heart.

Do not be Afraid to Go Outdoors

The best jobs are the ones that are done out in the sun and away from the toxic corporate office setting. You will not be able to see and appreciate this if you do not give yourself the chance to experience it. Once in a while, take yourself out on a vacation so you get to see and explore the world. This can also lead you to a journey of self discovery which will help you shape a better future for yourself.

Get a Formal Training

Once you have decided what job to take on or which dreams to pursue give yourself an additional edge by going through the required trainings to qualify for the job. Most people think of fun outdoor jobs as simple that it does not require formal training. Being an outdoor instructor for example, requires formal training at accredited institutions such as

Have the Strength to submit your Resignation

Some people have done so well in identifying what it is that they truly love, however they continue to allow themselves to be slaves in a job they are not enjoying at all. This is linked primarily to the fear of going out of your comfort zone. Leaving your nine to five job which is crappy but gives you financial stability is a great risk but losing the opportunity to chase a dream is an even greater gamble.

Always take Risks and Give it All

While you still can pursue your dreams and never be afraid to lose. There are always risks in everything that you do. Even people doing good in their corporate careers are subjected to a lot of risks every day they are at work. Always be ready to give your best shot to put 100% of your effort into whatever it is that you are going after.

Not a lot of people get the privilege to live the job of their dreams not because they didn’t have the chance to chase these dreams but because they were afraid to take on risks. Follow your dreams and take risks rather than lose the chance and regret your decisions later in life.