5 Ways a Back Pains can Eat Up Your Life

By on May 4, 2016 in Sport & Health |

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Having back pain is already too much to deal with. For some people who have had it for a long time, serious changes have occurred that has negatively impacted the quality of the life they live. People with chronic back pains must seek help to continue having a good life. Here is a list of how a back pain can take away the positivity in you.


Reduced Productivity and Energy at Work

Whatever it is that you are required to do physically at work, even including those who only sit down and do minimal activity, your function and focus will certainly be altered if you experiencing pain. Pain is a sensation interpreted by your brain and eventually perceived.  It is designed to let you know that something is wrong and needs fixing. In a way pain is your warning signal. Not listening to the signal and enduring hours of being tortured by back pain can have serious negative impacts on the quality of work that you do. Most people would say that life is not all about working but when your pain comes in the way of your source of income then it takes the most of what you enjoy in life. Don’t let this happen and talk to an expert by visiting www.totalrehabauburn.com.


Reduced Quality time with Family and Friends

You may have made good plans to go camping or hiking on a weekend but you can end up cancelling this plan if your back is not cooperating. Even in the absence of symptoms the fear and anxiety of triggering its return can cause people to withdraw socially and focus more on protecting themselves with the pain. It’s difficult to see its effects long-term but prolonged social withdrawal can cause relationships to fall apart and make people more prone to being depressed.

Altered Rest Periods

Life as they say is being constantly on the move to pursue things that bring you happiness. This is true. It is also true that in order for you to have the energy to pursue these things, you must have adequate sleep and rest cycles. When you are plagued with a back pain that does not chose the time of the day for it to attack then you may find yourself losing the quality of your sleep. An alteration in your sleep can be the cause of many problems. Other than worsening your back pain, it reduces your focus at work, depresses your immune system, and reduces your ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships.


Anxiety and Paranoia

The fear of avoiding pain can be more disabling than the pain itself. People with chronic back pain have alterations in their daily activities and often found to be withdrawn because of the fear of triggering the pain. Paranoia and anxiety caused by back pains is focusing your life on dealing with possibilities and preventing you to enjoy the positive in the present moment.


Do not let a back pain get into your way in life. The solution and relief from back pain can be easy. Talk to back pain experts by visiting www.totalrehabauburn.com.